Hello and welcome to the web presence of Gutsville, a new comic book series by comics superstars Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving, due to be published by Image Comics early in 2007. Here we will be posting preview art and related trivia while this epic masterpiece is being constructed, and we will attempt to entertain as well and educate and corrupt your mortal minds.

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About the creators:

Si Spurrier is a thrusting dynamo of aggressive invention trapped in the buttoned-down meatbrig of a well-spoken novelist.  He lives in London, has a paranoid obsession with hostile yaks, and Scrawnches on a regular basis.

Frazer Irving was spat out of an egg about 100,000 years ago and has festered in a sort of half life ever since. he has been drawing comics professionally since 2000, corrupting readers on several continents. He also lives in London yet his spirit roams the globe seeking out new adventures.

About the Product:

Gutsville is initially a 6 part mini series due out in early 2007. It will be full colour (the previews will give you an idea of the sort of art you will be enjoying...watch for more) and there are plans for more if all goes well.




Gutsville is © copyright 2006 Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving

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